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- Formation GRH 

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 Citation du jour Cessons de faire de la gestion des ressources humaines et pratiquons une gestion plus humaine des ressources.

(Jean-Pierre Brun)  



Recrutement & Chasse tête


H&E offers to all companies of all sectors to optimize their human resources capabilities. Our scope of work is at the national, regional as well as the international level.

We provide a full service in case of external recruitment with full support of the recruitment mission as we can assistance in recruitment in case of internal recruitment such as transfer or promotion. We support to define the roles, functions, classifications and qualifications.

Each recruitment is unique and is carried out according to a procedure designed so as to retain the best candidates to be presented as shortlisted:

  - Identification, in collaboration with the client, of skills for the vacant position 

  - Candidate Search (Database, press advert, job site etc ...)

  - Screening CVs

  - Psychometric Tests in case of need

  - Selection interview – face to face

  - Data Validation of CVs

  - Presentation of "short list" to the client




To achieve our targeted candidates, we put in place a philosophy based on a direct approach based on confidentiality and respect for professional ethics.

Once mandated by a client, our consultants discreetly select potential targets. To avoid any potential sensitive conflict with the competition, we decided that communication between the client and the candidate is done exclusively through our consulting agency.  


Les employés, dans votre organisation, sont intéressés par la réalisation de leurs objectifs personnels

Absolument pas d'accord - 11.1%
En désaccord - 11.1%
Neutre - 0%
D'accord - 33.3%
Absolument d'accord - 44.4%

Total votes: 9

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