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- Formation GRH 

- Gestion de temps

- Formation Management

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 Citation du jour Cessons de faire de la gestion des ressources humaines et pratiquons une gestion plus humaine des ressources.

(Jean-Pierre Brun)  



Offre de service


H&E supports in the legal creation your company. So, we assist investors in creating business by giving them through our experts and consultants:

- Advising on the choice of legal form,

-  Informing the tax incentives granted by the Moroccan admin.

Thus, we offer the following support services:

- Introduced and validation of the company name, 

- Writing articles; 

- Recording of the statutes,

- Opening a bank account, 

- Application deadline with different administrations ( business tax, tax identification register of commerce and membership in the National Social Security Fund ),

- Publication in the official gazette and in the Official Bulletin.

Our added value in this area is:

- The creation of the company in a very short time,

- A personalized with a single point support,

- The benefit of the knowledge of local administrative procedures

Our Support in recruitment is that we offer personalized support:

- Consultation and screening profiles in our CV database , management posting job on paper and / or recruitment website as needed

- Send selected " shortlisted " CV for the investor

- Organization of a schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates by the investor

- Logistics interview in our offices

- Assistance in drafting the employment contract

- Monitoring the integration of the candidate for 3 months


Les employés, dans votre organisation, sont intéressés par la réalisation de leurs objectifs personnels

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Neutre - 0%
D'accord - 33.3%
Absolument d'accord - 44.4%

Total votes: 9

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