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- Formation GRH 

- Gestion de temps

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 Citation du jour Cessons de faire de la gestion des ressources humaines et pratiquons une gestion plus humaine des ressources.

(Jean-Pierre Brun)  



DRH Part Time

Our HR Part Time concept is adapted to the reality of companies seeking to improve HR practices

This business module allows H&E to appoint a senior HRD to support our customers for a suitable time as needed to boost HR structure

Raisons for using this HR Business model:

 - Your company is facing problems of HR and you can’t hire a full-time specialist,

 - Your HR dep. is at the startup stage & you would like to professionalize it,

 - You want to switch from administrative organization to a HR Business Partner structure,

 - You have a new company strategy and you wish to translate it to the RH level...

 - Currently you deal with specialized external service providers: Lawyers, a firm specializing in recruitment, accountant ... but none of them offers the comprehensive HR solution you need.

H&E guarantees the supported your HR records, with high added value and unmatched benefits

 - No additional cost to be paid after the definition of specifications needed (cost control)

 - No additional IT costs

 - Benefit from a team of advisors in HR Management

 - A library of HR Management tools

 - A diagnostic and effective intervention plan

 - Unique solutions customized to clients

 - Rates tailored to customers as needed



Les employés, dans votre organisation, sont intéressés par la réalisation de leurs objectifs personnels

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En désaccord - 11.1%
Neutre - 0%
D'accord - 33.3%
Absolument d'accord - 44.4%

Total votes: 9

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