• Consulting

    We defined a specific philosophy of collaboration to achieve our goals in a very professional way, whatever your project.

    This philosophy is based on values and methodologies such as listening, integrity, conviction, experience and efficency.

  • People developement / Training
    People developement / Training

    Capabilities developement is a MUST and should be available to all employees.

    Our vision is to trust the employees' potential to achieve awarness and learn from the change management.

    Our concept of traning is based on theoritical as well as practical basis. the training need identification is done in collaboration with the employer.

  • Coaching & Team Building
    Coaching & Team Building

    Our coachs are certified ICF 'Internation Coach federation". Their task is to look deeply for the hidden potential of your employees.

    They are experts; their roles are to catalyze a professional development that would allow liberating the potential.

  • Recruitment

    We provide a full service for external recruitment with full support of the recruitment mission as we can assist in case of internal recruitment such as transfer or promotion.

    We support to define the roles, functions, classifications and qualifications.

  • Outsourcing

    Our contribution is to enable our customers to focus on their core business and have an HR entity "Business Partner" - more strategic - with high added value for the organization by taking the ownership og the change management.

    Our contribution is to enable our cistomers to focus on their core business and have an HR entity "Business Partner" - more strategic - with high added value for the organization by taking the ownershio of the change management.

    From our side, we will take in charge all the operational tasks - time consumers - to free the HR department for the strategic role.

  • HR Manager Part Time
    HR Manager Part Time

    Our HR Manager concept is adapted to the reality of companies looking to improve HR practices.

    This business module allows H&E to appoint a senior HRM to support our customers for a suitable time as needed to boost the HR structure.

  • H&E Inernational
    H&E Inernational

    « H&E International, Think global & Act local »

    H&E international structure is a strategic orientation customized to the investor demands at the national level as well as the regional and international.

    We support by providing our expertise at the internaional level to allow you win in terms of time by putting in place the right processes.

Training Offers

- Formation GRH 

- Gestion de temps

- Formation Management

- Formation GRH 

- Gestion de temps

- Formation Management

Quote of the day

 Citation du jour Cessons de faire de la gestion des ressources humaines et pratiquons une gestion plus humaine des ressources.

(Jean-Pierre Brun)  



Hommes & Entreprises (H&E) is a consulting firm specialized in mobilizing human resources driving around sensitive projects or complex change crisis, advance management; develop new management skills, driving a restructuring, managing a social issue, support in the implementation of a very critical and sensitive infrastructure.

Our scope of work is mainly focused on the issues of human resource management, business strategy, organization, leading change management and organizational coaching.



Notre Vision

Shaping the future: Take care of our customers, invest in personal and professional skills development organizations to give them confidence by shaping their future

Nos valeurs

  • Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Team work & spirit
  • Ethics

Our success factors

Shared vision: We share our vision and our values with our customers.

Service attitude: We insure that our service attitude is consistent with the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Professionalism: We optimize the performance, success, recognition and job satisfaction. In addition, we promote continuous improvement among our customers


Les employés, dans votre organisation, sont intéressés par la réalisation de leurs objectifs personnels

Absolument pas d'accord - 11.1%
En désaccord - 11.1%
Neutre - 0%
D'accord - 33.3%
Absolument d'accord - 44.4%

Total votes: 9

They trust us

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